490,888 RM
15 rooms
22 sqft

Type C Terrace 2 1/2-Storey

Jalan Tanah Putih, Kuantan, Pahang
Vista Verde is a new PASDEC Holdings Berhad development located at Batu 6 about 10 kilometers from Kuantan City Center. The 81 unit freehold development is conveniently located at less than 5 minutes from the Kuantan Airport, and offers a modern style living in a quality environment. Lot Size: 22′ x 84′ Building Size (Ground Floor): 22′ x 36′ Building Size (1st Floor): 22′ x 39′ Building Size (2nd Floor): 22′ x 39′ Price: RM 490,888.00(Min) RM 543,888.00(Max) Amenities Concrete Frame Tiled Roof Clay Brick Walls Frameles Plaster Ceiling Glass Windows/Powder Coated Frame Wood/Plywood/Glass/PVC Doors Ceramic Tiled Walls Cement Finished Painted Wall Ceramic Tiled Floors Cement Plastered Floors Aluminium Kitchen Sink Electrical Fittings Structure Concrete Frame Reinforcement Walls Clay Bricks Roofs Metal Deck Roofing Concrete Ceilings Frameless Plaster Ceiling Windows Glass Windows Powder-Coated Aluminium Framed Doors Wood Panel Doors Plywood Doors Sliding Doors Powder Coated Aluminium Framed PVC Doors Wall Finishing Ceramic Tiles Quality Cement Plaster & Paint Floor Finishing Ceramic Tiles Cement Plaster Sanitary Fittings Hand Wash Basin Toilet Bowl Shower Water Taps Gates Bricks Wall Kitchen Aluminium Sink Electrical Fittings Light Sources Power Sources Ceiling Fan Sources Autogate Source Tv Source Telephone Source A.C Source
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Kuantan, Jalan Tanah Putih
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