Belum Rainforest Villas/Bungalows, Grik, Perak Belum Temengor is the largest continuous forest complex in Penisular Malaysia. Specially, it is located in the Malaysian state of Perak and crosses into Southern Thailand. The Belum Temengor Rainforest has been in existencwe for over 130 million years, making it one of the world's oldest rainforests, older than both the jungles of the Amazon and the Congo. The forest encompasses 300,000 hectacres and in the heart of the forest is the man made lake of Tasik Temengor, covering 15,200 hectares and dotted with hundreds of islands. The design of the bungalow following nature with open air spaces, integration of walls into the landscape such as cliff and terra morphing roof tops. You may find a feature wall or a tree trunk pillar in your bungalow which has been there for ages, with Pulau Banding Rainforest Research Centre playing a pivoted role in surveying and documenting all vegetation to ensure its fortification. Belum bungalow unobstrusively co-existing with its forest environment and absorb the rich energy that capitalises on the beauty of its setting. An Intimate Interplay Between Nature and Man Sanctuary to countless flora and fauna, some yet to be identified by man, this rich 130 million year old rainforest is the perfect setting for you to enjoy unique adventures such as Rafflesia Trekking, wildlife Spotting, Fishing, Kayaking, Bamboo Rafting and Waterfall Dipping. There are 18 bungalows for sale which faces the lake and the selling is from RM11,046,560.00. Tenure - Leasehold (99 years) Read More
Temenggor Lake,, Gerik, Perak
8 rooms
11,046,560 RM
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Gerik, House sale
Island Resort for Sale Location: Within Belum - Temenggor, Grik, Perak Development: 25% Developed Title : Leasehold, 2 titles Type: Malay Reserved Price: RM5,000,000.00 Size: 2.69 acres This Island is located on the south of the 15,200 hectors Temengor Lake and Royal Belum State Park in the north. This island resort is within the famous Temengor, Belum and Grik forest reserve which is the last frontier of Peninsular Malaysia. This Island has received 3 prestigious awards namely Perak Eco Tourism award in 2007, Tripadvisor excellent award in 2016 and Asia Lifestyle Tourism Award 2017. It is the highest 4.5 stars rating from Tripadvisor communities surpassing all rivals located in the Belum Temengor tourism belt. The pristine lake well preserved rainforest and rich Asli cultural diversity and exceptionally low density development is the latest preferred eco-tourism choice destination among foreign in peninsular Malaysia. Temenggor Belum Grik forest reserve is the only rainforest eco-tourism site in Malaysia Operational throughout all seasons, a rear site where rainforest , rich biodiversity, rich natives cultural diversity with clean rivers, vast lake that provides year round adventure for sailing, wind surfing, fishing and all kinds of water sports. This island has 12 units of twin sharing forest lake view chalets, 2 units of 20 pax dormitory and 1 unit of 16 pax houseboat with a total sleeping capacity of 60 pax. The island is now only 25% developed leaving the rest as natural park. BER Island has massive trees that can build tree houses, beautiful terrain for lake view bungalows and floating chalets around the island. It has the unique environment to create the best innovative and captivating designs of the world best boutique resort. Interested, please contact 012-5221492
Temenggor, Perak,Perak,Gerik
5,000,000 RM
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